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Revlon | Super Lustrous Lipstick Rediscovery

Sometimes when you just don't wear makeup that often you kind of forget what products you own. Especially when they're in a draw out of sight and then you have a look and rediscover things, it's like shopping all over again. This happens to me a lot. Today's rediscovery is a Revlon lipstick which I got a couple of years ago maybe, I don't know my perception of time is shot. I am however pretty sure I got it from that makeup clearance place at the Downtown Westfield, R.I.P.

It's a Super Lustrous Lipstick and is in the 'pearl' formula. I have another lustrous lipstick in the 'crème' formula and there is a noticeable difference between the two. The pearl has some added shimmer and gloss to it while the crème is more matte.

The shade is called Raspberry Freeze and the bullet looks more of a purple. Swatched, however, it is more of a berry shade with a shimmer to it. The formula is creamy and applies easily. However it is not very long lasting and comes off easily when eating and drinking. You definitely need to have the lipstick with you at all times during the day. The colour is also not that opaque, it's like a lip tint, so a number of layers of colour are needed.

It's not really a colour I would automatically be drawn to (I'm pretty sure the name of shade is what got me) but the shade is aesthetically pleasing and is a nice winter colour.

Ashley xx

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