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Colette | Gigi Panel Wallet

So after spending months at home all day not leaving the house I couldn't stand it anymore and had to get out. The biggest determent of going out for me is that I have to get up early so to get a ride to the train station which means it's dark and cold. And then it's an hour on the train to the CBD which often makes me regret not using those hours for sleep.  Any who it's been my goal for a long while to visit Kmart at St Lukes, while there is one closer to me (Manukau) it's not that great.

I pretty much spent almost an hour in there all together just wandering around and falling in love with everything. There was a tray and a mini blackboard that caught my eye, not to mention a cute as strawberry pillow and a cool hat. I felt it was unfair to only buy one thing but then I remembered how much money I had + the thought of having to carry it all. See how lazy I am.

I pretty much lapped the mall a couple of times and found myself walking into Colette. Last year while on the Gold Coast I got a couple of bags from there. My black bag's strap broke off which is very annoying and makes it hard to carry so I wandered in to see if there was any other bags with long shoulder straps. I ended up getting distracted by the wallets, I've been wanting to get a new one for years and there were a good variety of styles.  

As far I as I could see this was the last one in this colour which I will attempt to describe as a neutral grey/kinda blue. There was a pink version but I was just feeling this one you know. I really liked how simple it is with the mirror metal bit that stops it from being too boring. It's like my first grown up wallet, I got my previous wallet years ago at a travelling fair in Pauanui so I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Another great thing about it is that it was on sale which I only discovered when I went to pay for it. So all in all it was a great purchase all round.

Have you bought anything from Colette? Do you also get overwhelmed and just walk around aimlessly in Kmart?

Ashley xx

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