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Current Podcast Tunes

I've been listening to Podcasts for quite a while now but it's only been somewhat recently in which I started listening to the majority of these mostly through recommendations.

ZM's Fletch, Vaughan & Megan
These three do the morning show on ZM which I always listen to if I'm rarely up at that hour. Since I'm usually not I just listen to the podcast. It's become part of my routine listening to it before bed. It's funny, it sometimes has parts that make you cringe and you always learn something new thanks to Vaughan's fact of the day.

Ladies who Lunch
I discovered this podcast from the NZbloggers chat on Twitter some weeks ago and I'm enjoying it. It's hosted by Ingrid Nilsen & Cat Valdes who are American YouTubers. Each episode they talk about topics such as friendships, relationships, sexuality and feminism. There are also some listener letters relating to the topics that get talked about as well. I enjoy hearing these two talk about topics which don't really get talked about that often.

Ctrl Alt Delete
Started by British blogger Emma Gannon the podcast has the same name as her first book which I am currently reading and loving. In each episode Emma interviews a different person who uses social media in an interesting way and made something out of it. She's interviewed author Elizabeth Gilbert, YouTubers Zoella & Tanya Burr as well as many other interesting people. Each episode is engaging and I'm always inspired to do something creative while listening.

Design Life
I've mentioned this podcast before and how much I enjoy it. It's hosted by Charli & Femke who are designers from New Zealand. Charli lives in London while Femke lives in Amsterdam. They mostly talk about design and side projects which I find interesting, particularly side projects as you are currently reading one of mine. I think listening to this podcast is what led to me starting making a go on YouTube, braving the camera and having fun with the editing.

Riverhead Books/Magic Lessons
Hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert this is season one of Magic Lessons, season two is on a different podcast altogether titled 'Magic Lessons' while this one is under Riverhead Books. Anyway Elizabeth calls up people who have written in to her and they talk about creativity, losing it and getting it back. The next episode after it is usually her calling one of her friends, fellow authors and such, and talking about the previous person. It's less confusing than it sounds. It's just a big conversation about creativity which I enjoy.

What podcasts do you like to listen to?

Ashley xx

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