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Fashion | If I went to NZ Fashion Week

New Zealand Fashion Week began yesterday, I've never been but want to and I always like to look at the collections which get shown.  An important aspect of fashion week is deciding what to wear (of course). I don't own anything designer but I had a look through my wardrobe and came up with a few options if I were to go to fashion week.

Option 1

Top: Boohoo  / Skirt: Urban Precinct, Farmers / Daisy Ring: Pandora / Leather Jacket: No Issue, Farmers / Blue Sandstone Crystal Necklace: Shop Style Conquer Store

Option 2

This outfit is the same as option 1 apart from the skirt. I'm wearing the same shoes in all three options cause I just like them.

Skirt: Whistle, Farmers / Shoes: Salucci Collection, Farmers

Option 3 

Dress: Zest Weekend, Farmers / Denim Jacket: No Issue, Farmers

So these are the options, as you can see most of it is from Farmers and they're all pretty casual. I would love to know what option you like best.

Ashley xx

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