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August Review

Hello September! Ever since I was a kid I've loved September. It's the start of Spring and also because it's the month which Calf Club day occurs which was my fav. In the days leading up to it we did art a lot which I loved. Here's what was blogged in August.

You know the drill. Look out for the September edition on Thursday.

Managed to tag along with my sister and ended up with some practical items.

I've been loving podcasts at the moment and shared some of my favs.

Thought it would be different/interesting to do a book review on camera. The books have similar themes so thought they would go well together.

NZ Fashion Week was a couple of weeks ago and this is what I would have worn if I went.

Fell down a YouTube black hole which led to reliving my childhood.

A narrative biography of Katherine of Aragon. As a history nerd I loved this.

Ashley xx

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