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Coming Soon...

For a while now the blog hasn't really felt right to me. I started arte della moda almost three years ago to write mostly about the art I studied at uni. Since finishing uni I no longer have any new insights into art and I've moved that topic into its own blog: Alternative Spaces.

Change is interesting, in some aspects I feel like I haven't changed at all but in the case of my blog I have. Books wasn't really a topic I initially thought of when my blog started but now it's an important one which I enjoy writing and also talking about immensely. YouTube is also something which I have started doing. Not so long ago the thought of going on camera and talking terrified me but somewhere along the line the anxiety driven fear sort of disappeared. When I start to think about it aspects of my personality have slowly changed, some for the better and I can only hope that they continue to change. However I am still an socially awkward mess, here's hoping there's some movement there.

Coming up with a new name is very stressful especially since I've never been any good a it. How can you summarise something in a few words. I eventually came up with something and so far it's stuck. A new design is also on the cards, I've found one I like but I'm still looking. I'm planning on relaunching on the blog's third birthday, September 30, so I've got a month to shop around.

I created an event on my Facebook page, I'm not entirely sure about it but whatever. I'm excited for the change, the thought of it sounds refreshing and gives me the sense of freedom.

Until then.

Ashley xx

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