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I can't believe I finally did it. I've been thinking and planning re branding the blog for the longest time and I still cannot quite believe I manged to do it. I even went and got its own domain which is scary/exciting and I once again can't believe I manged to switch it over without too many breakdowns. The blog also turns 3 today, happy birthday blog!

I started and came up with the name arte della moda somewhat spontaneously. Coming up with names and titles doesn't come naturally to me so I ended up turning to google translator cause words just sound better in another language. Art and Fashion were some of the main topics I wanted to write about so I translated it into Italian and that was it. The name hasn't really fitted and it wasn't till this year when I looked at the blog as a whole and saw the name didn't correlate to what I was creating.

Like the first time I did it coming up with a new name that fitted the blog was challenging. I wanted something simple yet cool and memorable. One idea was using my name and overtime it stuck as none of the other ideas I had were any good.

Using my name isn't really new or unique but it allows me the freedom to write about what I want without feeling like it doesn't fit.

So yeah. I'm really happy with the new design as well, it took me a while to find one which I was totally happy with and it was on sale! It was meant to be.

Thanks for sticking around. I'd love to know what you think of the new blog.

Ashley xx

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