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Monday, 26 September 2016

This is the last post for arte della moda so I thought it would nice to end on something pretty.  I haven't painted my nails in a long while so to make up for it I went all out.

Initially I was going for a pink but then Style Cartel caught my eye and I remembered my obsession with deep royal blues.

I was in the mood for some glitter and my initial plan was for a feature nail. I've had a number of glitter polishes that didn't have great payoff in which you had to do a number of coats to have a sufficient amount of glitter. This wasn't the case with Gold Sequins* as it had a good amount of glitter on the brush and was easy to apply. So easy I did all the nails.  I'm in love with them, even more so that they kind of resemble the night sky.

Like I mentioned this is the last post for arte della moda. I'm relaunching the blog with a new name/design on Friday which is also the blog's 3rd birthday. They grow up so fast *cries*. See you then.

Do you have these shades? What do you like to pair with them?

Ashley xx

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