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Review | Ctrl, Alt; Delete - Emma Gannon

Ctrl, Alt; Delete was the second book for Sophie's Book Club but regardless I knew I wanted to read this book. I absolutely love Emma's podcast Ctrl, Alt; Delete and her book is no different. 

Made up of short essays from her life growing up alongside the internet Emma's experiences are humorous, awkward at times and touches on many experiences young girls go through in an internet/social media dominated world. While reading I couldn't help feel a sense of familiarity. I think I dabbled in a bit of MSN back in the day and my first social media profile was on Bebo. However I was a bit hesitant with the Facebook thing and I joined a while later than everyone else. Now days social media has turned into another limb especially since I've started blogging, gotta get that promo.

What I really enjoyed was how honest and real Emma is with her experiences and what she learned from them. She's almost like a older sister giving us some sage advice. As a blogger I particularity enjoyed the chapter on her blogging journey and I nodded my head at the mention of impostor syndrome, something I get constantly. "When I started my blog, I didn't realise that writing short pieces on my own makeshift website would lead me to discovering more about myself that ever before... The reason my blog makes me so happy, when it really comes down to it, is the freedom it brings me". These excerpts really stood out to me as I also feel that I have learned more about myself not just in blogging itself but from reading other blogs and getting to know some like minded bloggers. The blog has given me the freedom to create something that is mine, a piece of myself online. Kind of like a Horcrux but less sinister. 

One of the signs of a really good book is that it compels you to pick up a pen and start writing. This happened to me while reading the chapter 'If Tinder was for Friendships' so I quickly got my notebook and let through all of my thoughts and feelings about the subject of friendship. I'm thinking of putting it into its own post, maybe even putting it up this week possibly. 

I recommend this book for everyone especially those who grew up with the internet and navigate it on the daily.

Have you read Ctrl, Alt; Delete? What are your thoughts?

Ashley xx

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