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Books to Read in October

It's been a while since I've done this as a post mostly because I didn't have time to get the camera out and psyche myself up to film so this month is going old school. I somehow manged to get through the books I mentioned last month/ I'm still reading them which is pretty good for me.  

I'm not planning on reading many books this month as one is pretty lengthy so it will take some time especially since I've haven't been reading most days *oops*.

Florence Grace by Tracey Rees*
Florrie Buckley is an orphan, living on the wind-blasted moors of Cornwall. She thinks her destiny is set in stone. But when Florrie is fifteen, she inherits a never imagined secret. She is related to a wealthy and notorious family, the Graces. Overnight, Florrie's life changes and she moves from country to city, from poverty to wealth. Cut off from everyone she has ever known, Florrie struggles to learn the rules of this strange new world.

Amy Snow*, which was Tracey Rees's first novel, was the first book I ever reviewed for Hachette NZ. I absolutely loved it so I'm excited to start reading Florrie's story.

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee*
New York City, 2118. The upper floors of a glittering thousand-storey super-tower are home to the rich, beautiful and ruthless. And right at the top is Avery Fuller, the genetically-designed beauty with the perfect penthouse life. Avery's world is set to come crashing down. Lies, betrayals and secret liaisons culminate in a scandal that ensnares everyone.

The book sounds like a future Gossip Girl which I am down for, god I loved that show.

That's all the books I'm planning on reading this month but I'm also going to mention some of the new books I've been sent.

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow*
This was sent from HarperCollins NZ and sounds similar to The Girls by Emma Cline* & Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman* in that the story follows a girl who isn't one of those girls who got by on smarts, athleticism or the ones who had it easy. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

Edmonds Cookery Book*
This is the 69th edition and is pretty much a saple in almost every New Zealand household. I have no idea how old my mother's version is but it's always my first port of call when I'm in the mood to bake so I'm excited to try out some recipes.

The Midas Legacy by Andy McDermott*
The book has a fantasy/mythological theme to it with Atlantis as well as a National Treasure (the movies) feel with the whole 'secret codex' and adventure aspect. The book is the twelfth in the Wide/Chase series, hopefully I won't be too lost when I start reading.

What books are on your reading list for October?

Ashley xx
*Review copies

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