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For the Love of Stationery

It's fair to admit that I'm a stationery addict. I just love it all; notebooks, journals, washi tape, diaries etc etc. I love them all. I've also come to realise that while I love collecting them I do not like actually using them, I just can't bring myself to tarnish them with my writing.

I recently went to a preview of the new collections for The Warehouse Stationery so I was inspired to share my little collection.

Marble notebook with Gold lettering
Ok so when I was taking the photo I totally forgot to add it in. It was in another place in my room and if I don't see it I forget about it. You can see it in this post, I got it from Once'it and there were a variety of phrases on the cover. I chose 'Oh the Places you'll go' cause it gives me a sense of wanderlust. Like I said, I'm hesitant in writing in it so the thing I mainly use it for is as a background for photos cause who doesn't love a marble background.

Flower Notebook
I got this from the Whitcoulls that was in the Auckland Downtown Westfield, R.I.P. I got it in the closing down sale, it was 50% off so I thought why not. I just think it is gorgeous, I just love floral designs and I am fond of a pink flower on a darker background.

Brown Notebook
I got this from Daiso which is the most amazing Japanese store in Auckland. They've got everything, especially a good range of stationery. The brown notebook I got has a blue spine (see my instagram post) but there were other colours. I'm using it for my 'bullet journal' so I write all the stuff I need to do in there.

Watermelon Notebook
I got this from Typo last year and I intended to use it for the placement I was going to do. I ended up getting another notebook for it and I've used this one is a journal (I haven't written an entry in a while though) and to just write random stuff.

Rose Gold Uniti Rose Gold Notebook*
I got this at The Warehouse Stationery event last Wednesday and I'm love with it. The Uniti Rose Gold collection is new for Summer 2016/17 and is in store from November. The Rose Gold basket* is also from Uniti and I'm obsessed. Basically I'm obsessed with anything rose gold, hence the colour of my logo.

Are you obsessed with stationery? What are you favourites?

Ashley xx

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