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Papergang | September Box

I first heard about the Papergang subscription from Sophie when she did a post on July's box. It's a monthly subscription service and is from the people of Ohh Dear who just have the most gorgeous stationery and other things. As a lover of all things stationery I had to check it out especially when I found out that the August box had a marble theme. Unfortunately I missed out on that one and I got the September box which is animal themed. 

In September's box there was a My Week Turquoise Ombre Planner designed by Jamie Mitchell which immediately caught my eye. Each double page had the days of the week + a space to write all your appointments in. It's not dated which makes it less restrictive. The planner is inside a plastic cover which protects it and includes a cool feature. You can kind of see in the photo that the plastic juts out at the back, it doubles as a pencil case which is awesome and there's a slide zip thing to make sure all your pencils don't escape.

A zoological themed gift wrap designed by Jessica Willan was also included. The design is very cute with a variety of colourful animals wearing party hats. I really liked the two greeting cards especially the 'hedgehugging' one with two cute hedgehogs, it makes me go all mushy inside when I look at it.

Lastly there was a Riso printed calendar which I don't know what I'd do with it and some post it notes which have 'stop procrastinating' on the top which pretty much suits me as procrastinating is all I ever do.

Overall I liked the September box with the planner, cards & post it notes being the highlights. 

Have you tried out Papergang's subscription? What did you think?

Ashley xx

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