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Review | Bay of Sighs & The City of Mirrors

Both of these books are a part of trilogies. Bay of Sighs* is the second in The Guardians Trilogy, following Stars of Fortune*, and The City of Mirrors* is the third is the Passage series. I have read Stars of Fortune as well as the first book in the Passage series but not the second one. I was worried I was at a disadvantage but at the start of the book there was a summary of sorts so I was caught up with all the important details.

Bay of Sighs picks up right where Stars of Fortune finished with the group arriving in Capri. While the first book was more from Sasha's perspective and relationship with Bran this one is from Annika's perspective looking at her relationship with Sawyer. So the books kind of focus on each central characters relationships as well as the quest the group is on as a whole.

Annika is an interesting character, she's new to the human world so her view is that of a child. She's always learning and she doesn't want to let her friends down. The story follows the same premise as the first aside from focusing on Annika & Sawyer's relationship. As with the first book this one ends when the group travel to their final destination, Ireland, where the last star is. It's also the home of Bran & Doyle, the last book will be in Doyle's perspective so that will be interesting given he's lived quite a long time.

Overall I enjoyed this book, it's easy to read which makes it great for dreary days such as today.


I first read the first book in the Passage series years ago and I remember being confused by it and found it hard to follow along. The book swaps between a number of perspectives, this trend continues to the last book. Unlike with the first I manged to keep up and wasn't entirely lost.

The series is dystopian and follows a group of people who have manged to survive after there was a viral outbreak a couple of centuries ago. I think there was a bit of a time jump between this and the last book, the characters in this book are a bit older and there hasn't been a viral sighting in 20 or so years.

The story gives a lot of backstory of Zero, the very first viral from which the disease came from thanks to some scientists. It was interesting to read about how the disease originated from a first hand account. Of course the virals hadn't disappeared all together so the remaining survivors battle to keep themselves safe from them and Amy, the girl who saves the world, confronts Zero.

I enjoyed it but found it more easy to get through if I had something else to read so I could switch between the two.

Have you read either of this books? What did you think of them?

Ashley xx
*Review copies from Hachette NZ

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