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Review | Disruption & Corruption

When these two arrived from HarperCollins NZ my interest was piqued. First of all I love the design of the covers and the tag lines 'Lives will be lost' & 'Sacrifices must be made' only made my interest grow.

They're a duology and are centered around Maggie Stevens who I describe as a secret agent of sorts. The setting of the books have a dystopian feel to them with people heavily relying on technology, predominantly and device called an 'M-Band' which acts as a phone, keys etc and can also determine who your perfect match is.

Of course there are downsides to this technology and after her father was taken Maggie puts it upon her self to uncover the dark side of the Mercer Corporation (who make the M-Bands) and to find her father.

The first book, Disruption*, follows Maggie in her quest. Part of her plan revolves around Quentin Mercer, son of the founders of M-Corp, and she tricks him in order for him to help her. To cut a long story short Maggie is surprised with what she uncovers, her lies are exposed, and is betrayed by the person she loved the most.

Corruption* picks up where the first book ended and now Maggie is back at square one but in an even more dangerous place. With the help of Quentin & Gus, a hacker who she was blackmailing, they work to once again uncover what M-Corp is doing and to bring them down.

Overall I enjoyed the series and the theme of technology with how people heavily rely on it (which pretty much mirrors real life). Maggie was a cool character, she relies on no one and does whatever (blackmail, lying) in order to get things done. She's so set on her path that she kind of isolates herself, mostly from her family though that's also to protect them. Even when she discovers her worst nightmare she still gets back up, with the help of Quentin & Gus, and tries to finish what she started. 

Have you read the series? What did you think?

Ashley xx
*Review copies

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