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September Favourites

This is the first real post for the blog since its update. Nothings changed really, the posts are exactly the same a part from being displayed in a more aesthetic way. September was the same old same old with last week not being the best. However there were some things which I loved, mostly beauty and books as you can see, during the month and thought it was time to do my September favourites.

Ctrl, Alt; Delete by Emma Gannon
I put up a review of the book last month as well as a piece of writing I was inspired to do while reading the book. I absolutely loved this book. Emma shares short essays about her experiences growing up with the internet which are humorous and invokes nostalgia. I related to a lot of her experiences especially since social media is now an important tool I use for the blog everyday. Everyone needs to get a copy and reminisce about the days of MSN and dial up internet.

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer*
I'll be putting up a review of the book this month so look out for that. I had a similar feeling reading this book as I did with Ctrl, Alt; Delete, it was so nice to read books where the writers just wrote the unfiltered truth and was just frank about it. Amy writes about a number of experiences, a lot of them tough, such as her Dad's illness and also working tirelessly in a largely male dominated industry. I specifically enjoyed her chapter on being an introvert and was like yes to everything. I'm always wary of spending too much time with "energy sucking vampires" aka people.

Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Longwear Foundation* & Super Stay Better Skin Powder Foundation*
I'm usually lazy when it comes to doing my makeup. I would rather have more time sleeping in the morning so I pretty much quickly throw the basic stuff on. Lately I've been using this Maybelline foundation instead of my usual Revlon Colourstay as I've found it's not as heavy and is less thicker so it is easier to blend in. The shade I have (05 Light Beige) is a bit too light for me but it still works great and I find it brighten ups my skin and does a good job of hiding redness.

While the Better Skin is a powder foundation I tend to use it as a concealer and I find it does a great job in covering spots and redness that the liquid foundation didn't cover. It's easy to use and adds an extra layer of cover to the foundation.

I used these two products in my Maybelline only makeup look which is the latest video on my YouTube channel.

What have you been loving in September?

Ashley xx
*Review copy/Gifted
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