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Posts that Inspire me: Anxiety - The Update by Zoella

As I mentioned last week another post that really got me inspired to write something was Zoella's Anxiety update. Zoe has shared her struggle with anxiety before and this post is an update, how she has been working to manage it.

I really related to the post as I myself deal with anxiety on a regular basis. I know what triggers it and as a result you avoid or turn down opportunities that you want to do but in your head the thought just starts a panic attack.

Like with Zoe this blog has allowed me some opportunities which are new, exciting and also anxiety inducing. The biggest one being going into an environment with new people and possibly having to make conversation. Usually it gets too much for me so I just choose to be by myself and not approach anyone. If I end up speaking to someone I start to panic and stutter which just makes me shut down and want to leave. 

It's very exhausting to compulsively think over how I'm going to act around people and what to say when people approach me. This is why I never ever want to be in a job involving customer service, I'll get panicked when someone asks me something especially when I don't know the answer. I hate being unprepared. 

In Zoe's update she mentions how she has started seeing a therapist and how it has slowing helped with her anxiety. Seeing a therapist is something I have seriously considered, my parents took me to one when I was 12 I think and it didn't go well. I'm not sure whether or not I had anxiety then but the issue they were concerned about still kind of affects me and is now a trigger. Another thing about me is that asking for something also triggers my anxiety. It could be anything. Asking someone to hang out, help from lecturer etc. I've always been more comfortable to figure it out on my own.

It's something I want to do, anxiety is this annoying blockage in my life and I'm over it.

Ashley xx

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