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Posts that Inspire Me - Letters Live by Emma Gannon

Every so often when I'm reading blogs I get this overwhelming sense to just write. Recently it happened with two different posts, this one as well as one on anxiety that will be up next week. Emma's writing has already compelled me to spill my thoughts onto paper, my thoughts on friendship, so it wasn't surprising that her post gave me the same impulse.

The post in question was Letters Live and is a write up about the event of the same name as well her thoughts on how special letters are.  It was her thoughts on letters that really inspired me. To me getting something in the mail is really exciting (hence why I love online shopping). I remember as a child writing letters to my grandparents, it was thrilling to send them off and get one in return. With email it's much faster to communicate with someone but as Emma puts it "there's nothing inspiring or romantic about refreshing our phones for messages".

Writing & sending letters is something that I really want to get back into. Getting a letter is so special and it's nice to sometimes take technology away from communicating with people. Now I just need people to write to...

I also loved reading about the Letters Live event. It sounds amazing and is just another reason why I want to move to London/Europe. 

Ashley xx

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