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Review | The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, The Thousandth Floor & American Monsters

It's been a while since I've done some reviews so I thought I would be efficient and do three in one go. This is mostly for me as it clears the review pile which gives me a little anxiety when I look at it. As you can see I'm finally getting around to reviewing Amy Schumer's book after I mentioned it months ago...

I haven't really followed her or seen her work but I was interested in The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo* as I know she's not afraid to tell it like it is which is very refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed this and loved the range of topics she covered. From her relationship with her mother, her Dad suffering multiple sclerosis and working as a female comedian. My favourite part was the chapter on being an introvert (of course). I loved how frank and open she was and it just made me want to shout to the rooftops that I was an introvert (maybe not to that extent but you get it). I loved every chapter and her openness to write about topics that are generally avoided.

4 stars


If Gossip Girl was set in the future, say 2118, it would look somewhat like this. The Thousandth Floor* follows and number of teenage characters with their stories intertwining at some point with each other. There is a prologue at the beginning which really hooks you in and makes you wonder who the mystery character is. The are five different perspectives in the book, I didn't really find it confusing but I found myself only being engaged with a few characters and being bored with the others. There's to be a sequel which I'm interested especially in the way this book ended. The story line is basically like anything off Gossip Girl or other teen shows, back stabbing, friendship/relationship drama etc. And like with Gossip Girl I also enjoyed this.

3.5 stars


American Monsters* is the last book in the Demon Road series and I was really looking forward to it as I enjoyed the first two. It didn't really live up to my expectation, it was similar to that of the first book with Milo & Amber being on the road but it felt more rushed in the things they had to do along the way. Another thing that felt off to me was this PSA about fan fiction and not taking it to heart if you don't agree with it. A part from that it was fine, I liked the ending, it just showed Amber continuing on with her life.

3 stars 

Have you read this books? What did you think of them?

Ashley xx
* Review copies from HarperCollins NZ

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