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Wardrobe Goals - Blogger Edition

For a while now I've been feeling bored with all the clothes that I own. I often feel like just throwing them all out and starting fresh. I've always wanted to have a style that is consistent and not all over the place, I don't always think about the 'bigger picture' and just get clothes that I like.

The style that really excites me about fashion is Parisian/preppy/classic/kind of casual. That probably makes so sense, I find it hard to describe these things. Since getting into blogging I've come across other blogs/bloggers and have discovered two which pretty much embody my wardrobe goals.

The first is Olivia from What Olivia Did... Pretty much every outfit post has me quickly adding clothes to my wishlist and longing to be somewhere were magical.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words here are some outfits of Olivia's which I adore.

Photos from Pinterest/What Olivia Did...

P.S | I absolutely love her post On Comparison. It's something I struggle with all the time, everyone should have a read.

The other blogger whose fashion I adore (or should I say J'adore) is Daphne from Mode and The City. Daphne is French as is her blog and while I can't understand what's written (a part from the somewhat help from Google translate) pictures need no translation and I've fallen in love with her style. 

Photos from Mode and the City

A part from the fashion another reason I love her photos is that Paris is the backdrop which just makes them even more magical.

While my description might of been a bit confusing hopefully the pictures clearly illustrate my wardrobe goals.

What are your wardrobe goals/style inspiration?

Ashley xx

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