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Christmas Beauty Collections

Christmas/Holiday beauty collections are another thing that gets me really excited during the Xmas season. I just love Christmas themed things especially beauty. Honestly what I love most about them is the theme & design of the collections, aesthetic is what attracts me towards them. I thought it would be cool post to share some collections which I find exciting in both design & products. 

Image from Lancôme

I did an Instagram about this collection a while ago cause I love it so much. The theme of the collection is Paris en rôse which translated is 'Paris in Pink'. It's not hard to see why I love this with Paris & pink being two of my great loves. I love the Petit Tresor Eyeshadow shades which have some sparkle to them, my favourite being Rose Satin. Of course I can't go past the packaging with the lids of the eye shadows being glittering gold.

Image from M.A.C Cosmetics

M.A.C always has the best collections and this is no different. This collection, called Nutcracker Sweet, has a bright pink theme with the products of course being gorgeous with bright pink shades. I adore the chosen Nutcracker theme with the incorporation of imagery from the ballet. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is one of my favourite pieces of music which is from the Nutcracker.

Image from The Body Shop

Again The Body Shop always do great Christmas collections and this years offering is entitled 'Go Wild for Christmas'. Aside from getting great products every specially selected Christmas product that is bought a contribution is made to help protect the rainforests and endangered animals. To find out more visit The Body Shop website.

There are a range of products to suit whoever it is you are buying for. I personally love anything that is Strawberry/berry scented, it just smells amazing.

What beauty collections are you excited for this year?

Ashley xx 

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