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D.I.Y. Xmas Card Decorating

Tis the festive season which allows the opportunity to put your creativity hat on. When I was younger I use to create things but lost the urge when 'studying' came along. So for a post I thought it would be cool do some D.I.Y Xmas card decorating, they're pretty simple but I think the amount of glitter used really makes up for it.

Items used:
Pink pearl cards from The Warehouse Stationery
Scotch Red Glitter Washi Tape from The Warehouse Stationery*
POW! Glitter paper from Spotlight
Rosie's Studio Glitter Stickers from The Warehouse Stationery*
Glue Stick

Card One

To start off I put washi tape on the corners, gradually integrating the glitter.

Next with a pencil I wrote 'Merry' which, after being confused what to do with it, I went over with a green colour pencil.

Lastly I cut out letters spelling 'Xmas' out of the glitter paper and stuck them on the card.

Card Two

Cause I liked so much I put washi tape on, this time on the bottom and the top.

Lastly I put a couple of the glitter stickers on. Yay for glitter.

Card Three

For the last one I cut out a Christmas tree out of the glitter paper, stuck it on the card and topped it with a gold star glitter sticker.

The Finished Cards

Ashley xx

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