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D.I.Y. Xmas Gift Tags

Continuing on with the D.I.Y. Christmas vibe this year I really wanted to make some gift tags for presents. In past years I just use the stickers but I like the look of gift tags and I just feel like they add something extra to the gift. I used the same materials from the card decorating and I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

Items used:
POW! Glitter paper from Spotlight
Rosie's Studio Glitter Stickers from The Warehouse Stationery*
Hole punch 

First off using a pencil + a ruler draw out the shape you want your tag to be. You can do anything you want but I went for a traditional gift tag shape. Then cut it out with the scissors.

Once you cut them all out create a hole using a hole punch.

To decorate them I used the glitter stickers again. I think the gold stickers work well with the silver paper and I love how they turned out.

And lastly I thread them onto some string which I tied around the presents.

Ashley xx

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