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New Year 2017

And so 2016 comes to a close. This time last year I had hopes for what 2016 would bring, unfortunately none of those hopes came to fruition and as a result I feel like this year was just a waste with me not moving forward. 2016 overall seemed not the best year for a lot of reasons, this was the same for me with losing some family members and also just not moving forward with my life. It's not until I look at the little things than I realise I achieved a number of things this year.

One thing was obviously relaunching the blog which was something I'd wanted for a while. I'm proud with what the blog has evolved into and am especially pleased with how I manged to switch it over to it's own domain. I'm starting to feel like a proper blogger now. Along with that I'm proud that I'm now able to talk in front of a camera and put it online. At the start of the year it terrified me but at some point it went away. YouTube excites me and while I don't do regular videos it is still something I want to keep with.

While I haven't been successful in finding a job I did make it to a number of interview stages as well as volunteering at Digital Academy, which was part of Museums Australasia 2016, as well as at local museum which I am currently enjoying. I also went on a number of informative tours at the Maritime Museum, Auckland Museum, Auckland Art Gallery & the Auckland Council Archives. I found them all fascinating and helped me figure out what I want career I want to pursue, a conservator particularly of artworks. I'm still undecided if I'm studying next year. I definitely want to and I've found a great program but there are factors such as not having an income as well as the course needing two trips to Wellington which hinder me. There's also my parents who would prefer for me to get a job rather than studying. I wish I could just dive in head first and not stress about things.

For 2017 I'm going to try and not have many expectations as the potential for disappointment is greater. Like last year I still want to be less scared of opportunities and not stress about everything. I want to be able to say yes rather than over analyse and then not end up doing anything because I invent problems that might occur. It's harder than it sounds. Something else I want to work on is being more decisive, I avoid making decisions which then leads me to obsessing over what to do. I just need to make them more quickly to avoid the obsessive anxiety. 

2017 will hopefully bring unexpected opportunities and I'll try to open and accepting of them.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2017 brings you unexpected opportunities as well.

Ashley xx  

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