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Review | The Revelations of Carey Ravine, Florence Grace & The Angels' Share

Two of these books are historical fiction (if that's a thing) while the third is set present day. I mention this because as I was starting to read The Angel's Share in my head it was set in the 18/19 century until there was mention of a Toyota truck which completely shattered my mental image. So yeah...


The Revelations of Carey Ravine* by Debra Daley is set in the 18th century and follows the life of Carey Ravine. Her journey is very interesting as she sets out to unravel the mysteries concerning her husband and father. Carey is a very curious character and isn't all that hesitant in putting herself in, at times some, dangerous situations in order to get to the truth. I did get a bit confused while reading concerning one of the situations she was investigating. I might have to read it again more slowly, I tend to skim read a lot of the time and end up missing details.

While I wasn't totally invested in the story I still enjoyed it.

3 stars


Florence Grace* by Tracy Rees is the other historical novel and I think it's set in the 19th century. I've read the author's first book Amy Snow and loved it so I was excited for this one. This book is very similar to Amy Snow as it follows a young woman's journey. Both Florence & Amy are thrown into a somewhat cut throat upper class environment where not everyone is happy for them to be there. The difference, is that Amy leaves it for her journey while Florence goes to it for hers. 

Florence is very intuitive about people and she knows that her time with her recently discovered family will be unpleasant. I liked the character of Florrie/Florence, at the start she was a bit naive but she became more wise due to her relationships especially with the enigmatic and troubled Turlington who gives her the most joy and heartbreak.

Overall I really enjoyed it, not as much as Amy Snow cause I just love a good treasure hunt.

4.5 stars


The Angels' Share* by J.R. Ward is the second book in the Bourbon Kings series. I haven't read the first but I didn't feel at a disadvantage which was good. The story follows the Bradford family and their complicated lives which involves a lot of deceit & murder. The book has a number of first person perspectives, the Bradford siblings & Lizzie, Lane's partner which gives a rounded view of their lives. I liked it as the story wasn't all one note which every character being distinctive. 

I ended up becoming enthralled in the story especially with the mystery of who killed the Bradford patriarch. I definitely want to read the first book and also see how the story progresses.

4 stars

Have you read this books? What did you think of them?

Ashley xx
*Review copies from Hachette NZ

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