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February Favourites

So another month comes to an end as does summer. Not gonna lie I'm really looking forward to the next month and season. March is my birthday month (it's actually in less than a week and I'm only slightly freaking out about it) and I just love autumn fashion and also the makeup looks synonymous  with the season. Until then let's look back at February and the things that stood out.

'Don't Mind if I Don't' pin
This pin is from OH YOU FOX and I've been wanting to get one for the longest time. Victoria is a very talented designer and illustrator and her pins are super cute. I went with 'Don't Mind if I Don't' cause I love the text. This one comes in blue as well but I of course got the pink. Vix is always coming up with more designs and shares concepts on her Twitter. Recently she shared a twist on the Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose and it looks amazing.

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth*
I haven't read any of the Divergent series so this was my first time jumping into the world Roth has created. It's set in a fictional universe in which the 'current', a mystical force of sorts, influences the different worlds as well as the people. Each person has a 'current gift' which is individually different and as I understand can change depending on the person and the current. The two main characters are Cyra, a Shotet, and Akos, a Thuvhesit. Both sets of people live on the same planet and are enemies so that's also another element of the story. 

I'm really enjoying it so far. It took me a while to get into the universe of the story; the people, planets etc but you start to get your head around it.

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eye Contouring Palette
I was lucky enough to win this palette from entering a competition on the Rimmel NZ Facebook page. There are two Magnif'eyes palettes and I went for Keep Calm & Wear Gold as I thought the shades were more wearable and I just love gold. The shades have nice pigmentation and are not powdery which is great. I haven't tried it out yet but I'm really excited to start experimenting.

 Long Lost Family
This one is a bit random but I'm completely obsessed with it. Basically investigators track down people's missing family members and reunite them. At the moment I'm watching the British version but there's also a US, Aus & NZ version. I just find genealogy really fascinating. I actually think it would be really cool to be a genealogist, I wonder what I would have to do to be one...

What have you been loving in February?

Ashley xx
*Review copy

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