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January Favourites

Hello again. So the whole getting back into blogging for 2017 failed to get started. Some stuff went down including doing a programme so basically I couldn't be motivated to come up with ideas, photograph and write. January I feel has always been messy and unorganised; at the start you're on holiday and then you have to figure out what your going to do and then it's February. This might just be me. One thing I did manage this month though was keeping note of my favourites.

2017 Diary
I got this diary from Typo and it's a weekly planner. I'm attempting to be more organised this year hence the diary. So far it's going ok, I sometimes forget to write in it/actually look through it... there's room for improvement.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Micellar Gel to Foam*
I've done a post about this product last year and my love for it has not dwindled. It's just so easy to use and also very convenient in that you just take the bottle and that's it. It's the only cleanser I've used since I received it and I'll probably won't use another till this is gone.

Purple Dressing Gown from Farmers
I got this for Christmas and it's one of my favourite pieces of clothing I have. It's soft, warm and I when I wear it I feel like I've turned into Anna. Safe to say it was one of the best gifts I got this Christmas.

Learning languages is something I'm really passionate about. I'm not sure what's the best way to learn a language, there's Rosetta Stone & Rocket Languages, but for now I'm trying out Duolingo. Italian has been the language I want to learn the most, I did do an intro course at uni but didn't got so well. I have started to notice I'm remembering things so that's good. I attempted to do French as well but ended up getting confused, I can't do two things at a time especially languages. It's takes me a while to learn.

What have you been loving in January?

Ashley xx
*PR Sample

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