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Favourite TV Shows

I'm invested in too many TV shows. When thinking about what ones to mention in this post I realised I watch so many. And while they're TV shows I don't actually watch them on TV. I watch almost everything on my laptop now and almost immediately after they air in the USA usually. I thought I'd already done this post before but after going through the archives it turns out I haven't yet so here's to new posts.

Long Lost Family
I've already mentioned this show in my February Favourites post cause I absolutely love it. The only thing I find annoying is that I can only find the episodes on YouTube and some are missing. I'm still on the British version and might do the American one next. There's a NZ version and was on TV a while back.

Jane the Virgin
I think I may of mentioned this in a favourites post once. I pretty much binged on the first two seasons and then had to wait for the third. I've only recently started the newest season and am still enjoying it. There was a big twist which completely shocked me and am still not over. It's a comedy/drama which I think work well together.

The Vampire Diaries
There's only one episode left and after that it's done the show is finished which is a bit sad. I think I was on board since season one and have followed the characters through their highs and lows. After it finishes I might start from the beginning as I haven't seen those episodes in eight years and kind of forgot what happened.  

This is also in its final season which is sad. The show follows Queen Mary of Scotland and is not entirely historically accurate. The big one that annoys me was that in one of the first episodes in season one Francis's sister married Philip II of Spain but by that stage in the show's plot Mary I of England hadn't died yet. Philip was married to Mary and therefore couldn't have married the French princess until after she died. I did my dissertation on a series of paintings for Philip and used his marriages as part of my argument hence why I know and am really annoyed by it. Another thing that's not accurate is the fashion but I don't mind at all as it's stunning and I absolutely love all the gowns.

As it's the last season I'm presuming they're going to attempt and go all the way up to her death which will be interesting. 

This is a very new show and I know that a lot of people are obsessed with it including me. It's derived from the Archie Comics which I haven't read and follows a group of teenagers and the town of Riverdale. So far there's been murder and scandal which are great in a TV show. I'm excited for the rest of the season and am especially excited at the prospect of Sabrina the Teenager Witch turning up. I was OBSESSED with that show as a kid and even got the magazine subscription (who remembers that?).

What TV shows are you loving?

Ashley xx

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