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Free Wallpapers for your Phone

Wallpapers for my phone are something I like to change up frequently and I always like to explore all the free wallpaper apps. There's millions of them i'm sure but I found a few which have a collection of wallpapers that I liked enough to download and put them as either my lock or home screen. 

You can't see this one well sorry but is my current home screen image. This is from the Vintage Wallpapers app and is just red roses with a moody backdrop of sorts. It was this image that compelled me to download it as I was attracted by the vividness of the red roses.

I have a fascination with the night sky and as such images depicting it. These two are from the Night Sky, Stars Wallpaper app and were the only ones bright enough to photograph.

These three are from the Watercolor Wallpapers app and are gorgeous. I just think watercolour artworks are stunning and especially of flowers. The app also has other types of watercolour wallpapers such as animals, patters & landscapes.

These three are from my favourite one, the Fashion Pics Wallpapers app. There's just a variety of images relating to fashion and I like most of them especially the one in the first photo which is my lock screen.

Do you use wallpaper apps? What ones are your favourite?

Ashley xx

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