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Autumn/Winter Fashion Wishlist

Supposedly we are well into Autumn at the moment. There have been times where it's been chilly enough to start looking at coats but overall it still feels like summer is still grasping on and does not want to let go. I love Autumn/Winter fashion, in particular boots & coats. At the moment I'm trying hard to steer my wardrobe in a certain style direction which I hope is reflected in the items I picked. I really love the European/Parisian style and as such am trying to be selective with the clothes I buy (hopefully). Here are some fashion picks which are top of my wishlist. 

I've been wanting a skirt in this style ever since I saw Liv wearing one while in Venice. In her post, she linked to a similar one from Asos which again is on my wishlist. The colour of the skirt that Liv was wearing is the other thing that attracted me to it, I love the deep wine red colour. I'm tempted to get it but I'm always unsure of sizing and the whole process of returning it doesn't appeal to me. I've seen other shops have this type of skirt as well so I assume it's coming back in style.

This is the most expensive thing on my wishlist so hopefully some day I'll stumble across something similar with a smaller price tag. I'm a big fan of anything double-breasted (especially coats) and I also love that it is in navy blue and has gold buttons. It's simple yet sophisticated. 

Frilled Dress from H&M / NZD $69.99
The rest of the items are from H&M and are pieces I spotted while I was at Sylvia Park last week. I love how simple this dress is with the ruffles/frills adding something to it. It's also black as well which just makes it easier to wear.

Cotton Shirt with a Tie from H&M / NZD $29.99
Plain white blouses are a staple item which I want to get a couple of. When I saw this I became absolutely obsessed with it. I love the tie detail as well as the gold buttons.

Double-breasted jacket from H&M / NZD $79.99
Remember what I said about loving everything double-breasted. This was on one of the models in the window display and was the reason I had to go in. I love blazers and I was particularly attracted by the fact that it is longer that the average blazer which I liked. They didn't have my size on the rack, I'm considering going back and be more serious about buying stuff.

Long Cotton Shirt from H&M / NZD $39.99
Again this is another plain white blouse this time with a Peter Pan collar which is something else I'm really into. It would be really cute underneath a black dress or paired with a nice skirt.

What items are on your fashion wishlist?

Ashley xx

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