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1-Day Haul

I don't go onto 1-Day very often as this tends to happen. I see something cool and I get this overwhelming desire that I need it in my life. As you will see this happened three times. I've now officially put myself under a spending ban and am avoiding any online shopping sites. If you don't already know 1-Day has three different sale options which change every day at 12 pm. Currently, there's a Health & Beauty Bargain sale which I am avoiding.

Liberty Light Box
I've seen these frequently pop up generally over on Instagram and I've always wanted one. My wishes were answered when I randomly went on 1-Day and saw it on sale. It was quickly added to my shopping cart and arrived soon after. I haven't yet properly used it as it needs batteries and of course, there's none what so ever in the house. 

Beauty & the Beast Book
This is the book of the movie and of course as a massive Disney fan I had to get it. They also had the original animated version but I liked the cover of this one more. I've seen the movie (you can see my review here) but I haven't read the book yet. I keep forgetting to. It's not that big so it wouldn't take me that long, hopefully. 

3D Optical Illusion Light
I mentioned this in my April Favourites and is the latest item I bought off the website. Once again I randomly went on it, saw this and had to have it. It lights in a number of different colours and can be run by batteries or via a USB. I was so glad when I saw it came with a USB as like I mentioned before there are no batteries. At the moment it's on my desk and plugged into my computer.

Have you bought anything off 1-Day?

Ashley xx

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