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April Favourites

I'm a very nostalgic person as well as finding it interesting in seeing what I was loving this time last year. I guess that's the great thing about having a blog. In 2016 my April Favourites consisted of a lipstick I still adore and a book that shares a theme with something that's in this favourites post. Seems I haven't changed at all. 

Enchanted Pizza Pin
If you can recall back to my February Favourites post I showed off the first pin I got from OH YOU FOX. Well I got another one, I'm becoming obsessed with pins at the moment. When I saw Vix tweet the concept images of this pin I just knew I had to have it (I even mentioned it in the February Favourites post). It's the enchanted rose case from Beauty & the Beast but instead of the rose, it's a pizza. This is limited edition so I'm glad I got my hands on it. As well as this one there are a couple of new pins so make sure to check them out.

3D Illusion Light
There's a good reason why I shouldn't go onto shopping websites as I end up seeing something I really love and have no other option than to buy it. 1-Day is a site that always seems to have random cool things for sale such as this Eiffel Tower 3D Light. As we all well know I go weak for anything Paris related and that fact that it was a cool light sold me (I have a thing for lights too). It can be battery powered but it also comes with a USB to you can plug it in and it will go. I think it has seven colours it can be but I usually just put it onto the setting which makes it flash all of them. I got a bit confused with the 3D thing but I think you have to view it from afar to achieve the effect.

URBN Wild: Babe Vibes 'series'
I've been following Britney via her blog & YouTube for a while now, back before she rebranded to Urbn Wild. Her videos + posts are amazing and in particular I love the babe vibes 'series' in which she interviews cool ladies doing some amazing things. Britney also has written some amazing personal posts which I find relatable most of the time. It's a great feeling knowing you're not the only one who thinks and feels in a similar way.

Paris & Monte Carlo
Very recently I was overcome with an obsession with Paris, more than usual I might add. It really started when I rewatched Monte Carlo, the one with Selena Gomez and Blair Waldrof aka Leighton Meester. Basically Grace, her best friend Emma and step-sister Meg go on a trip to Paris but ends up not being the best. Grace gets mistaken for a British heiress and the three wind up in Monte Carlo. I actually really love this movie and feel I could watch it over and over again.

What have you been loving in April?

Ashley xx

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