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Dreaming of Paris...

Paris has always been for me my dream city even though I've never actually been there. There's just something about it that's just so magical that it even gives you the sense of wonderment through photos. Lately, I've been more fascinated with the city than usual which possibly could be as a result of me following a number of French bloggers on Instagram. I love their photos as well as their stories and while I can't understand most of them I just love seeing France through their eyes. Here are some of the gorgeous ladies I've been following.

Paris in Four Months

Carin is from Sweden and is a photographer living in Paris. I know, the dream right. Of course, all of her photos are stunning making everywhere she goes picturesque. At the moment she is in Japan and it just looks amazing. Check out her blog for more photos.

Daphné Moreau/Mode and the City

Not only do I follow Daphné for her amazing photos of the city but also because I really love her style and have saved her photos for inspiration. She also has a really cute dog as well which I am obsessed with. Check out her blog for more photos.

Emilie Brunette 

Image from Emilie Brunette

Once again Emilie's Instagram is full of gorgeous pictures, not only of Paris but of her style as well which I love. Check out her blog for more photos. 

Laura Loves Clothes

Laura's photos are different from the others I've mentioned as they have some sort of filter on them which makes the brightness duller. I'm not sure how else to describe them other than they're stunning. Check out her blog for more photos. 

What are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

Ashley xx

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