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New in Skincare | L'Oreal Paris, Olay & Lioele

Skincare has always been a guessing game with me. I've never really found products that worked well with my skin so I'm always wanting to try new products out. I've been using these three products for a while now and I think they're helping. I'm not entirely sure, my skin starts to improve then all of a sudden my face erupts. Overall though it is better than it was so that's something at least.

L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask // $24.99
I've seen these pop up on a number of NZ beauty blogs and have been getting great reviews. There are three different masks which makes it hard to choose just one but I went with the charcoal mask which detoxifies the skin and gives a brighter complexion. The mask also absorbs excess oils which for me having oily/combination skin sounded perfect. The mask itself is very thick and you don't need that much to cover your face. This is without a doubt the nicest smelling mask I've ever had, it's very fragrant but isn't too overpowering. The mask does what it says, you can see the oil being pulled from your skin and I definitely noticed my skin was brighter after I first used it. Overall I'm really liking it.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Moisturiser* 
I received this when I went to the Proctor & Gamble event back in March and have used it in conjunction with my regular moisturiser. It's thick, creamy and once again you don't need a large amount especially when combining it with another moisturiser. It smells amazing and feels very nourishing on the skin. 

Lioele A.C Control Night Spot // $16.95
Once again I've seen this praised by beauty bloggers/vloggers so I had to try it for myself. I got this off Makeup.co.nz and at the moment they've got free shipping on Lioele products. Unlike the other two products, this one does not smell particularly nice with it having a chemical scent to it. It's supposed to work overnight to smooth and reduce irritation and redness as well as control excess sebum. As you can see the pink powder is separated from the liquid and you dip a cotton bud into the powder and dab it on your spots. Usually, there's enough on there for all of my spots (and there's a lot) but if you need more make sure to use a clean bud. I think it works, I haven't noticed immediate changes but the spots I cover seem to be disappearing. 

What skincare products do you love?

Ashley xx
*PR Sample

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