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Review | A Tragic Kind of Wonderful & Perfect

May has been a break from the norm for me as my parents went on their 'OE' at the start of the month. My siblings left and are over in Hawaii with them so I'm left on my own with only the dogs for company. I won't lie it's not been overly great. My anxiety is at an all time high especially at night but having the dogs here helps. It also sucks cause I don't know how to drive yet so have to walk 30 mins to my nearest bus stop which just puts me off. So I've just been at home reading.

A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom*
After finishing The Glass Universe* I just found this book so much easier to read, the language and the way it was written wasn't too complex. The story follows Mel who is coping with a mental illness as well some complicated friendships. None of her friends know about her illness, she wants to keep it that way as well as what happened with her brother. I really enjoyed the story especially one about a character with mental illness. I related a lot with Mel in her handling her illness as well as keeping people at a distance.

3.5 stars

Perfect by Cecilia Ahern*
This is the sequel to Flawed* and we pick up where we left off where Celestine has become an 'evader' and has gone into hiding. It's been a long time between books so I was very lost when reading and I couldn't remember anything. I really liked Celestine's character development. She becomes more sure of herself, confident and becomes a leader. She risks her own outcome to help the Flawed population. The only thing I felt off about was her relationship with Carrick, it went intense real fast. To be fair I can't remember the first book at all and also their situation is what brought them together so they've got a close bond.

3 stars

What books have you been reading this month?

Ashley xx
*Review copies from HarperCollins NZ

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