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YSL | Black Opium Nuit Blanche

Ever since I got my first proper fragrance (Curious by Britney Spears) I've worn some every day. I have a number of them which I alternatively wear, I just look at them in the morning and pick. I saw the newest YSL fragrance floating around on my favourite beauty blogs so I headed to my nearest pharmacy to have a look. I had a voucher and was in the mood to buy but had trouble picking between Nuit Blanche & Floral shock. They both smelled similar to me but in the end, I went with Nuit Blanche.

Nuit Blanche translated means 'White Night'. It's a all night arts festival in Paris and the fragrance is inspired by the night life.

From an aesthitic point of view the packaging, both the bottle and the box, is stunning. The bottle is black and glittery with an infusion of pink/purple. I got the 50 ml bottle and is the perfect size to fit in your hand.

The scent is sweet but in a dark mysterious way. The notes include the combination of coffee with sparkling orange blossom illuminated by white musk. There's also vanilla, bourbon pepper, smooth rice and sandalwood. It smells amazing and is definietly my first 'sophicated' fragrance that I've ever owned.

Do you have a YSL fragrance? What is your favourite?

Ashley xx

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