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Review | Who's Afraid Too? & Difficult Women


I feel like the more I read the more I pick up on things that I usually won't notice. One such thing is the use of language, the way the author chooses the words and structures them into a sentence. I noticed this particularly with one of these books in comparison to another. I'm starting to see how language can be creative & fun. Stories can also be fun, such as these two.

Who's Afraid Too? by Maria Lewis*
This is the sequel to Who's Afraid?* and picks up with Tommi who is on the way to Berlin to meet up with a group of rogue werewolves. I loved the first book and I loved this one just as much. Tommi is one of my favourite characters; she's outgoing, courageous and is adapting to her new life as a werewolf. In this book we see her understanding her new strength and skills as well as finding herself with people in the same situation as her. She's found herself a new family basically. Her relationship with Lorcon is still complicated and of course there's something untoward happening which needs stopping. The story is fast paced, funny, witty and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it.

4 stars

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay*
I've heard great things about Roxane Gay's work and Difficult Women is the first book I've read of hers. The book is compiled of short stories concerning a variety of women in different situations. It does well to highlight just how juxtaposed and complex women and their lives are. I also love Gay's use of language, it reads easy but is still so skilled. The stories look more inward to the women portrayed, we see how they think, how they react to their situation and what in the past made them who they were in that moment. The stories show just how complex human beings are as a whole.

5 stars

Have you read these books?

Ashley xx
*Review copy from Hachette NZ

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