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XO Beauty | Makeup Releases

As fellow beauty obsessives, you would all have heard about the launch of makeup products from XO Beauty. The brand was created by Shaaanxo, the amazing New Zealand beauty YouTuber, and started out with makeup brushes. I'm a fan of these brushes, I own a few but not any of the new ones which are now being made in Italy. The first makeup products launched were the lipsticks and more recently highlighters. As a fan of Shannon and of makeup I, of course, had to pick up some. I did a first impressions video on the lipsticks as well so make sure to check that out.

When I saw the announcement video one lipstick, in particular, caught my eye immediately. Impavid is a gorgeous bright red and is a liquid lipstick. While my red lipstick collection is quite vast I just had to add this one. The applicator has flat sides, it's not angled, and is soft and flexible which allows an easy application. I always put on a lip liner first and try to paint within the lines. It's very comfortable to wear and is long lasting.

I wasn't initially planning on getting one of the bullet lipsticks but after seeing photos on Instagram of how amazing this colour looked on people I just had to get it. The lipstick is called Philocaly and is a nude matte shade. This shade for me is a 'your lips but better'. I absolutely love it. The lipstick is matte so it is a bit drying so make sure you've got some lip balm on hand. Both lipsticks smell amazing as well, Shannon describes it as a creme brulee scent. 

Highlighters are the most recent addition and of course, I had to watch the announcement video straight away. There are two shades: Lucent, which is a sandy golden shade & Aurora which is a pale, glowing champagne-pink. I went for Aurora as 'champagne-pink' just sounds magical as well as the name being that of one of my favourite Disney princesses.

Here are the swatches of the products. The highlighter is very fine and subtle which I like as I've never used a highlighter before.

Along with the highlighter, I also picked up a Sheer Powder Brush as Shannon used it in the announcement video and said it was a great brush to get a subtle glow. Anything she says is great I buy basically.

Have you tried any makeup from XO Beauty?

Ashley xx

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