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You Know You're an Academic When...

So along with Phone Anxiety, this idea also popped into my head. Whenever these random ideas come to me I make sure to jot them down especially when I'm getting bored of what I usually write about. Growing up I think you found out quickly whether or not you were a person who liked school. I was pretty meh about it during high school but it wasn't until I was at university studying the subjects I wanted to that I started to enjoy it. I admit I didn't enjoy the entirety of it, assignments and exams brought a lot of stress into my life but I absolutely loved learning in the lectures. I've been out of university for almost 2 years and I miss going in and learning.

So this is kind of like a list of things which shows you're a lifetime academic if you will*. 

  1. You've kept all of your textbooks 
  2. You check the exam timetable and look at when the exam is for the classes you took
  3. You check out the subjects you would take if you did the degree again
  4. Occasionally think about and slightly research what you could do for your Masters
  5. Check out other university websites and see what subjects they offer
  6. Wonder if you could do another BA
  7. Figuring out the career you want and researching what degrees you'll need
  8. Googling universities that have no fees
  9. Start to read the dissertation that pretty much broke you
  10. Ultimately deciding to go back to uni

Do any of these apply to you?

Ashley xx

*These are all me

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