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Book Haul | Harry Potter & Marie Antoinette

As a book worm, I have quite the list of books I want to read/own. I very rarely get to the stage of buying them but managed to bite the bullet on one occasion. One of these books has been on the list for a while whereas the other prompted me to just buy it soon after I discovered its existence.

This year marks 20 years since the publication of the Philosopher's Stone. In celebration, special editions were brought out in both hard & paper back. Of course, I had to get myself one. I knew I wanted a hardback but couldn't decide on the four different designs each representing the houses at Hogwarts. I kept tossing up between Ravenclaw (my house) & Gryffindor (cause I just love the look of red and gold). As you can see I stayed true to my house and picked up a Ravenclaw edition. The editions include additional information about the house including the founder, ghost as well as famous Ravenclaw alumni.

Marie Antoinette directed by Sofia Coppola is one of my favourite movies and when I discovered this book on Instagram and immediately searched for it on Book Depository and thankfully they had it. The book is filled with stills of the gorgeous movie and also includes the screenplay. I'm not sure but I think it is not the full screenplay as parts are missing but I honestly wanted it more for the images.

What books are on your wish list?

Ashley xx
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