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Books to Read in August

I've been reading quite a lot lately which I'm really proud of. I go through phases of having a need to just sit down and read especially when enjoying a book. The book I've just finished was the quickest I have ever read in a while, I had a preconception of what the story entailed but was completely wrong. I liked how the title and also the blurb at the back gave no real hints at the story. I'm keeping the same pace with one of the books in this post, again another mystery.

The Girl Before by JP Delaney*
This is the said book. The story switches between two different female perspectives who are separated by time. After a traumatic incident Emma & her partner, Simon, move into an amazing place that comes with a particular set of rules. A couple of years later Jane, who has also gone through a traumatic event, moves into the same house Emma & Simon once occupied. The house is very conceptual and designed by an enigmatic architect who Emma & Jane find alluring. I've just gotten to the part where Jane finds out what happens to Emma, it's a real mystery which I'm enjoying.

The Book Smugglers of Timbuktu by Charlie English*
Timbuktu has been a fascination of explorers for centuries. Stories, such as slaves wearing gold, prompted adventurers in the late eighteenth century to reach it. None succeeded. Timbuktu is also the source of learning with there being thousands of ancient manuscripts on numerous subjects. These precious documents were put in danger when al-Qaeda-linked jihadists invaded which prompted an amazing group of librarians & archivists to hide them. The book brings together the two stories, the real life accounts in 2012 and the stories from the past. I did an Art Crime paper at University and the story of this book reminded me of some of the case studies. I loved that paper so I am excited to learn about this story.

Keep Me Safe by Daniela Sacerdoti*
I'm pretty sure I'll get through The Girl Before pretty quickly so this book will be next. The story follows Anna & her daughter Ava. After Ava's father disappears she is traumatised and after three days of silence starts to talk about and draw a place she's never visited. To get to the truth Anna goes to the place, a tiny island where their past & future meet. This again sounds like another mystery which I'm a fan of so am looking forward to starting it soon.

What books are you planning to read in August?

Ashley xx
* Review copies from Hachette NZ & HarperCollins NZ

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