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Nail Art with Nailed It NZ

I mentioned this in my July Favourites but thought I would dedicate a post to it as I have been enjoying it so much. Jessie from Nailed It NZ kindly sent me a set of her nail art brushes a few months back but I've only recently gotten around to trying them out. I got some nail samples from eBay (one set just never turned up so I had to buy another) and have been watching her beginner videos.

The Nail Tool Essentials Kit comes with three brushes as well as a dotting tool. There's a detail brush (the shorter thin one) which is useful for most nail art designs. The Clean Up Brush; the angle allows a smooth clean finish & the Striping Brush, which allows an easier application for lines. The dotting tool is double ended with one side bigger than the other.

These are the designs I've done so far. They're a bit rough, let's be honest but I'm still practising. So far my favourite is the dotting tool as it's just much easier to use and play around with.

You can buy these brushes online and Jessie has just brought out nail files which look great.

Have you tried any nail art?

Ashley xx

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