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Wishlist | Colette by Colette Hayman

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has dreamed of one day owning a designer handbag. I'm always interested in seeing the new collections but until that time comes my eyes are set towards ones which are more in my price range. Colette Hayman is an Australian designer who has designed stunning bags which are affordable. I had a look through the online store and found some which caught my eye. Hopefully, they'll be in a physical store.

In terms of smaller handbags, I prefer cross body as I find straps just fall off my shoulder. I also feel more secure when it's crossbody. I liked the Sophie Quilt Crossbody as it is a bit different to what I would usually go for. It's a rounded rectangular shape and is an Ivory shade with a quilted feature. The gold tone hardware accents also add a little more luxury which I like.

The Zoey Zip 3-In-1 Crossbody is different as it comes with three interchangeable covers; black, snakeskin & ivory. I personally like it just with the black cover. It looks more sleek and simple and the gold chain detailing stops it from being too boring.

For bigger bags, I really like the style of totes. I also like to make sure they have a decently long strap due to the aforementioned problem above. I really liked how stylishly classic (if that's a thing) the Jackie Medium Tote is. It's black with gold tone hardware. The only thing I'm not sure about is the shoulder strap. To me, it looks a different style to the bag itself. I don't know.

The Steph Tassel Mini is Burgundy, velvet and all round gorgeous. It's more of a round shape than a rectangle and is also a bit smaller. While I'm more into black as well as neutrals for handbags the colour of this is darker and could be both a day & night bag.

The Carlie Hardware Tag Tote was the first bag to catch my eye and I'm sure it's obvious why. It's a gorgeous pink shade and is a great size to fit everything you need for the day. I know I said I prefer black & neutrals but pink is the exception.

Are there any Colette bags you have your eye on?

Ashley xx

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