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Another Fitness Tool for the Unmotivated

I was struggling to come up with a title for this post and I'm pretty pleased with what I ended up with, it's very apt. Exercise and becoming more fit, in general, is something I've struggled with for ages. I've just never felt motivated to do anything other than buying fitness tools which just never end up being used. So as always I went onto 1day for a little browse, saw this and was compelled to buy it.

I've seen a lot of people online talk about their Fitbits and how much they love them and for a while I've been seriously considering getting one. There's a number of different versions of them which confused me so when I saw this watch I decided to just get it. 

On 1day it's called a 'Heart Rate Tracker' but it has other functions as shown in the picture above. It tells the time, shows your heart rate, steps done, kilometres covered as well as calories burned. I haven't yet used it as an alarm or to find my phone but it's cool that it does it.

There were a couple of different colours to choose from but I went with black. If there was pink though you know that would have gone straight to my cart. They're actually on sale at the moment (ends at midday tomorrow). There's black, purple & blue and they're only $40 + shipping.

All the data from the watch can be seen when you download the free app Veryfit 2.0 and you just Bluetooth the watch to your phone. The app just syncs with the watch and all the information is there. You see your steps, the hours you slept as well as being able to adjust step goals, setting the alarm and alerting you when someone calls you which is pretty cool.

So far it's made me slightly more motivated. I'm always very pleased with myself when I achieve my step goal for the day (it doesn't happen often). 

What fitness tools do you use?

Ashley xx

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