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August Favourites

And just like that it's Spring. Although today is a bit grey and miserable I have noticed it's lighter in the evenings and am counting down the days till daylight-savings. This month is the blog's 4th birthday which is crazy to think about. I'm planning something special which I've never done before and I'm a bit excited about it. I managed to remember to jot down things that I loved in August which is just three things and I can't think of anything else as I'm writing. Oh well.

Like most things, I cannot remember exactly how I stumbled upon this but I'm glad I did. So far I think there have only been three seasons and alternates between True Crime & Supernatural. They are hosted by Ryan & Shane who are awesome. Shane wasn't in the first season and it was weird as I started watching during the second, it just felt like something was missing. The guys basically investigate unsolved cases. True Crime, which is the current season, looks into unsolved crimes such as Amelia Earhart, JonBenet Ramsey & this family in Australia that just up and left their house. For me, I love Supernatural the most as the guys actually go to the locations rather than just sitting down and talking about it. It's also hilarious as Ryan is a believer in the supernatural and always ends up terrified while Shane thinks it's all fake and is just so chill in these creepy places. They balance each other out.

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino
I've never been a coffee drinker. This is mostly down to the fact that I just don't like hot or warm drinks. Anything that is not refreshing cold just feels off to me. Thanks to social media I felt a little left out being a non-coffee drinker so decided to try the frappuccinos from Starbucks. Caramel is life so of course, it's my go to. It took a while but now I love them. I got a new volunteer position in the city so before I go in I pick up one to enjoy before working. I haven't had one in a couple of weeks and all I can do is think about them. I am low-key addicted now.

Museo del Prado Instagram
I follow quite a few museums & art galleries on Instagram. It's the kind of content I'm all about. For a while now you could do a live video and the Prado museum in Madrid has taken full advantage of it. The videos are mostly walk-throughs of a room in the museum and you get to see how the art is displayed. Obviously, the person who does it speaks Spanish so I don't understand them at all but it really hasn't been a problem as it is just walking through the galleries. However, they did do a live video in the conservation department which is my absolute dream job so I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't understand anything. I'm hoping other museums/galleries start doing it. The National Gallery did one and I'm hoping they'll do more. 

What were you loving in August?

Ashley xx

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