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Favourite Historical TV Shows

Lately, the genre of TV shows I find myself drawn to are those which are historical and more often or not in relation to a monarchy. As you see four out of five of them are centred around the British monarchy with the other concerning the French. I just seem to have this desire for works, whether TV shows or books, about the British monarchy mainly. I just find the history fascinating.

The White Queen (2013)
This was a mini-series and was adapted from Philippa Gregory's historical novels. The show follows the War of the Roses which I think was the inspiration for Game of Thrones. Two sides of the monarchy, the House of York and the House of Lancaster clash over who is the rightful King of England. The show focuses on three women and their quest for power. Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV, Anne Neville, wife of Richard III & Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII. The show is taken from historical fiction so there are parts which aren't that factual, ie Elizabeth & her mother being witches but it still gives a comprehensible illustration of the history.

The White Princess (2017)
This is the sequel to The White Queen and is once again adapted from Philippa Gregory's novels. This picks up where the story ended. The Houses of York & Lancaster are brought together with the marriage of Elizabeth of York (Lizzie), daughter of Elizabeth Woodville & Edward IV, & Henry VII. Throughout the series, we see Lizzie's stance change. From that of wanting to restore a York King to the throne to wanting to protect her children who now tie her to the Tudors. What I love about this show and The White Queen is that it mostly follows the women and the power that they fight for and wield. 

Versailles (2015-)
Taking a little break from England this show follows Louis XIV and his journey of turning the hunting lodge of Versailles into an impressive palace. The shows focuses on the relationships and drama inside the French court. Louis' relationship with his wife, mistress, brother as well as relationships between other characters. This show has a bit of comedy as well especially with Phillipe, the King's brother, & his lover Chevalier de Lorraine. There are two seasons so far with a third coming probably next year.

Victoria (2016-)
Back in England, this follows Victoria who became Queen of England at 18. The show chronicles her life and includes important events such as her marriage to Albert & the birth of her children. Season 2 is currently on and shows her trying to juggle motherhood and being a Queen. You can definitely see some parallels with today's society with Victoria wanting to keep up with her duties as Queen but the people around her pushing her towards the role of mother.

The Crown (2016-)
I'm sure pretty much everyone has watched or at least heard about this show. Queen Elizabeth II is the focus of this show and follows her accession to the throne and how it affects the relationship between her, her husband and family. Past family scandal hangs over the family and has a great effect on Princess Margaret and how she chooses to live her life. The second season comes out in December and I can't wait.

Have you seen any of these shows?

Ashley xx

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