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Review | The Cows by Dawn O'Porter

The Cows* follow three women who start off unknown to each other but are eventually linked by an unfortunate incident. The story deals with current day issues such as the internet and social media which is now a major aspect of peoples everyday lives. It greatly affects the lives of the three women. Cam, a blogger who writes candidly about her life, is often told online that her stances on issues are wrong. Tara, who was caught on film masturbating, has now become viral online. And Stella who is struggling with the death of her twin sister and with the possibility of her also getting cancer torments herself in going on her sister's Facebook page.

Along with the internet and social media, the book also looks at people, particularly women, and how we judge them for having a different type of life that is not seen as 'normal'. Cam, who chooses not to have children, is critique both online and by her family while Tara, a single mother, feels judged by the other Mums at her daughter's school. This critique is multiplied with Tara's identity being discovered after the video goes viral and seemingly the whole world knows she got pregnant after a one-night stand. This theme really ties into the title 'The Cows' with the women not being part of the herd and conforming to a stereotype.

I've never read any of Dawn O'Porter's other work but was excited for this book after hearing about it when she was interviewed for Ctrl Alt Delete. I enjoyed the story but found some parts a little over exaggerated as well as cheesy. The story is one the reader can relate to but is hyper-realistic in the situations the characters encounter. One thing I did love was the shock twist at the end. I always like when a book surprises me and I was not expecting it.

3 stars

Have you read The Cows? What did you think of it?

Ashley xx
* Review copy from Harper Collins NZ

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