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Review | The Little Breton Bistro by Nina George

As a lover of anything French to say I was excited to start this book was an understatement. This is the first book of Nina George's that I've read, The Little Paris Bookshop is one that is on the very top of my book list. 

The Little Breton Bistro* follows the journey of Marianne. She has been in an unhappy marriage for most of her life and on a trip to Paris from Germany, she makes the decision to end her life. She is saved from drowning and after finding a beautifully painted tile at the hospital she escapes to a small port town in Brittany. While there she meets an array of locals and discovers the part of herself that has been hiding for most of her life. The small town brings Marianne back to life and she, in turn, has an effect on the locals including Yann, the painter.

I only think I can really say about this book is amour, amour, amour. It's a beautiful story about discovering your true self and changing your life no matter what age. The place where Marianne was going to end her life ended up being where she discovered just how full and beautiful it can be. There's also some humour as well which is always a delight.

4.5 stars

Have you read The Little Breton Bistro?

P.S. There's a special and exciting post going up on Saturday :D

Ashley xx
*Review copy from Hachette NZ

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