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Sunglasses for Any Occasion

I hadn't planned for what today's post was so had to quickly brainstorm (as per usual). I've been wanting to do this post for a while so now seems good. I rarely leave the house meaning I don't have the need to put on some sunnies so I'm surprised I actually have this many pairs. Most of them are just cheap ones while the other was a bit of a splurge.

These two are from Farmers and I've had them for what seems like ages. The tortoise-shell pair were my go-to glasses when I needed them and are just your typical sunglasses style. One of the legs is bent because I dropped it but you only notice it when it's folded. The other pair to me look like 'movie star' glasses with the shape and also the colour. I don't wear these as often as I'm always casual while these are not.

Up next is my current go-to pair. They're from Mirrou and were only $12 I think. They're a nice round shape but what really got me was the gold detailing which kind of makes them a bit cat-eye-ish. The rose gold pair was a bit of a departure from the black I usually go for but I just couldn't resist. I got them from Once'it and I just loved the unique shape of them and of course, them being rose gold.

I got these from Once'it as well and they're a bit more pricey than the rest of them combined. These are Sass & Bide and I think they are the Sapporo glasses in blush. Of course, the colour was the first thing that caught my eye and I just loved the shape of them as well. I internally debated over getting them or not but I went for it cause who knows where else I'll find a gorgeous pair of designer sunglasses at a great discounted price. 

How big is your collection of sunglasses?

Ashley xx

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