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Confessions of a Burgeoning Pin Obsessive

I think I've always been attracted to pins but haven't given in to acquiring them till recently. All the pins I have so far are from OH YOU FOX and I adore them. I bought the first one back in February and now I've got four. They're all designed by Victoria and I absolutely love her illustrations. She's designed some Halloween themed pins which I couldn't resist in getting one.

Don't Mind if I Don't & Enchanted Pizza are the first two I got and have blogged about before. Don't Mind if I Don't is also available in blue and I just like the meaning behind it. As both a lover of Beauty & the Beast and pizza the Enchanted Pizza Pin was literally me all over.

When free shipping is on offer it just seems rude to not pick up something. I got one of the Halloween pins as the Booooo-bs Ghost pin was just too cute not to get. Acciendently Thriving was one that I'd wanted for a long time as it just basically describes my life. It also reminds me of the librarian badges I had in primary/intermediate. I still have them, would it be strange if I started wearing them again?

Have you got any pins?

Ashley xx

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