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Passion & Motivation

For me, passion & motivation go hand in hand. If I'm passionate about something I'm therefore more motivated to do it or work towards it. Some of the time this passion comes in short bursts. I have an idea, get excited about it, make plans but it ends up fizzling out. The idea is still in the back of my mind but my passion and therefore motivation is gone.

Like with everyone figuring out what I wanted to do with my life was the most stressful thing. For me I felt like I was in limbo, stuck with no way out. Around this time last year, I finally figured out my career goal and is something that still excites me when I think about it. I've come up with a plan of sorts to get there which for me makes it less stressful, knowing my way through the maze.

The topic of passion & motivation is one that I'm always drawn to and I'm thinking of doing a guest post series kind of. I just have to come up with questions which are the hard part.

I did a video on this and I talk more in-depth about what gets me passionate & motivated to do stuff. If you haven't already I would love it if you could subscribe to my YouTube channel.

What makes you passionate & motivated?

Ashley xx

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